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Early on a Friday night and the Soar Bridge Inn is warm, cosy, packed and buzzing with conversation.There’s no “in” crowd here – everybody is “in”: young, middle-aged and veterans alike.There’s a fine selection of half a dozen of Everards beers here, each sentried by its own pump and colourful clip.I’m spoilt for choice, so I go for something light, Sunchaser, a golden vision at 4%, which turns out to be a fine aperitif.

Three years ago, the owners of the building, Magnet Properties, gained planning permission to convert the building for mixed use, and it looks like that work is finally starting!

"Such systems are used on various metro systems, both old and new, around the world and the time has come for London to embrace them.

"I believe driverless trains, on which I published a report, will play an integral part in boosting the Tube's capacity and investing in them is what Londoners want their Mayor to do." The Mayor has constantly repeated his support for driverless trains.

The bar, brightly lit and beautifully set out, beckons, straight ahead.

There’s a glowing log fire and I can see a few dogs dozing under chairs.