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That's definitely not normal, and like someone else said it sounds like your hard drive is either very fragmented or possibly going bad. Keep in mind that it's a little slower in the game.Follow the instructions here Run Steam as admin Check the official pin-up fix for Steam repeatedly updates or verifies game files doesn’t work (check it here)If it still doesn’t work or if you’ve found a solution that isn’t posted here, drop a comment and we’ll put it up for everyone to see.How to fix validating steam cache files problem This will not delete your items in TF2. Tf2 tutorial: Skip Loading Screen and Starting Video In Team Fortress 2Enter this in properties\set launch options: -novid Enjoy! Co Ignore this: steampowered cdn gfx jpg apps capsule ...Here’s a quick rundown of purported fixes for this recurring TF2 cache problem that MAY work for you.Do take note of the stress in the MAY work part since not everyone has been succesful in fixing the issue, short of installing Steam on a new partition/hard drive or reformatting their PC entirely Uninstall Steam, delete it’s folders and reinstall everything Renaming Client to Client Registry

I was to do an clean one without the taskbar, but I couldn't get as transparent. If you, for example, you shut down computer with steam turned on, it will not work and will validate cache again. So the game must keep the caches from you equal from the steam servers. Before implementing Steam, Valve Corporation had problems updating its online games, such as Counter-Strike; providing patches would result in most of the online user base disconnecting for several days.Valve decided to create a platform that would update games automatically and implement stronger anti-piracy and anti-cheat measures.Sign Up for free (or Log In if you already have an account) to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. Try as I might, I simply cannot get the damn game to just let me play. That's exactly the problem; Steam won't stop verifying the cache. I tried reinstalling the game at least four times to no avail (it did let me play once, but it had horrendous stuttering issues), and I even tried reinstalling all of Steam twice. The game refuses to do anything past validating files that have already been validated, and getting an update that I already have (which I know from the brief stint mentioned above). I did decide to do it manually like you said, but that didn't do crap.