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If you are able to start Windows normally, but would like to start in Safe Mode for some reason, one really easy way is to make changes in System Configuration.See How To Start Windows in Safe Mode Using System Configuration for instructions on doing that.Our Live Traffic view gives you real-time visibility into traffic and hack attempts on your Word Press website.A deep set of additional tools round out the most complete Word Press security solution available.To the user, all the time they were offline, the app continued to work, so they “got stuff done”, and your app just did its job, by collecting changes and updating the server as soon as it could.

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And so I find myself somewhat confused by exactly what each does, what the differences between them are, and what purpose each ideally serves.

Safe Mode is a diagnostic startup mode in Windows operating systems.

Safe Mode is used as a way to gain limited access to Windows when the operating system won't start normally.

They let you interact with the server when you can (to fetch new data from the server, or push updated info back to the server), so your app can work regardless of your user’s connectivity.

For example, an email client could fetch emails when the app loads, then, if the user loses connectivity for a brief period, the app could still continue to register read/unread and deleted states and store new emails to send until connectivity is restored, then send those updates back to the server via a Service Worker.