Michael c hall who is he dating

Know about his previous marriages too…Everyone knows that Michael C.Hall is too much secretive regarding his personal life. Even though he is constantly followed and stalked, he has still managed to keep all of his personal information behind the curtains.The very handsome actor has already won millions of hearts through his amazing acting skills.Moreover, people are now more interested in his personal life. Hall is married to his long term girlfriend Morgan Macgregor.Hall & Chloe Sevigny “They mostly hang out at Michael’s house, but when she does go out in public with him it’s only with others and she walks at a distance.” Vanessa, 25, has also worked on the television show Weeds but has been a staffer on Dexter since last season, and spends so much time with Michael that people think she is his assistant. The Hottest & Most Eligible Bachelors On The Beach “It’s more like Michael, Vanessa and a few others that work on Dexter that are not actors.

Michael Carlyle Hall is known as Michael C Hall, The actor of America was born in Raleigh on February 1, 1971.

Now we have a new reason for the awkwardness – Radar claims that for the past five months, Hall has been quietly dating a 25 year old Dexter staffer. Especially considering that most of these quotes seem to come from the 25-year-old’s friends, and they all sound like teenagers. Hall has a secret new girlfriend and Radar has exclusively learned she is 15 years his junior.

The 40-year-old actor has been having secret trysts with Vanessa Abrue, a Showtime staffer, and the two have been going to great lengths to keep the relationship low-key since they started dating in March – just three months after his ex, Jennifer Carpenter, filed for divorce from him.

Michael has not shared anything, so it was really hard for us to know the exact date and place that Michael and Morgan met for the very first time.

It is still not revealed how they met for the first time. According to whosdatedwho.com, the couple started dating since September 2012.