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Sharon Stone in "Casino," or pretty much anything Annette Bening has been done, especially "Bugsy," which is one of my favorite movies. "Heat" is one of my favorite films -- Ashley Judd -- I would have loved to play [that role even though] it's not a huge part, but in a great movie. "Nip/Tuck" was such a unique TV show that it had thought-provoking material and as an actor that's rare to play on television. Yes, the actress has secretly married her man and therefore has not revealed any information about her wedding date or engagement date.As no information till date has been revealed, we are compelled to assume that she is happily married to her man and might even be planning for future children.As posted by on 15th July 2015, the lady explained how she was stalked by few people who had threatened her security duly failing her martial arts skills which had ultimately taken her to a vulnerable situation.Kelly talks about how the stalking act in the year 2012 where people had hired intruders to break into her home and tap her phone calls was, so threatening to her.I love to play anything acting, but that especially was challenging, fun, smart, sexy. But I feel very lucky to have played that for so long. Had it not been Ryan, I would have maybe not done it or been very nervous. Yes, it was graphic, but it was always thought-provoking, so it was balanced and that's OK with me.

Kelly Kelly’s Personal Photos ▸ Kelly Kelly knows how to bring the heat in the ring . Her Facebook account is located at Barbie Blank while her Twitter handle is The Barbie Blank.Q For which role do you wish you'd had an opportunity to audition?A I can't think of a movie I wanted to play; I can think of my favorite roles. E-mailers, please state a subject -- "Hello" doesn't count. More of her attitude can be seen on Fox 9 Thursday mornings.While few of her fans still stroll on the internet site to check truth about the existence and non-existence of lesbian rumors.So, exclusively for fans and follower of Kelly Carlson we are putting up details on her married life, rumors and about her husband.