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The actor and social media maven has been prolifically sharing details of her jaunt in Jamaica on Twitter, proving that no matter where she is in the world, she's keen to keep on connecting with her fans and followers in her distinctive style.From getting braids to jamming out to reggae and enjoying the view above an envy-inducing watering hole, Jones is going all-out with jubilant Jamaica vibes.Inhabited by the indigenous Arawak and Taíno peoples, the island came under Spanish rule following the arrival of Christopher Columbus in 1494.

If you have ever wondered what kind of thrill it is to win gold, just look at Thompson's reaction when she crosses the finish line and looks up at the board to see she won.

Named , the island remained a possession of Spain until 1655, when England (later Great Britain) conquered it and renamed it Jamaica.

Under British colonial rule Jamaica became a leading sugar exporter, with its plantation economy highly dependent on slaves forcibly transported from Africa.

The island achieved independence from the United Kingdom on 6 August 1962.

comedian and Olympics superfan Leslie Jones is on spring break—and she's having a really, really great time during her tropical vacation.