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Swing dance class with Holy Lindy Land starts at 6.30pm. – Midburn 2016 (till Sunday 12/6) – Five-day Art Festival in the Negev desert with 7,500 participants. Tickets have been sold out for months, but sometimes people exchange in the Midburn ticket exchange group.

– Crazy concert with loads of Israel’s favourite bands – including Red Band, Balkan Beat Box, Aviv Gefen, The Angelcy, Ester Rada, A-WA – at Live Park Rishon. Tickets 154 NIS (good value to see so many musicians).Yasser is homosexual, or so we would describe him in the West, and the barbershop we visited caters to gay men. Leaving the barbershop, we drove onto Tahlia Street, a broad avenue framed by palm trees, then went past a succession of sleek malls and slowed in front of a glass-and-steel shopping center. Whereas most such establishments have a family section, two of this area’s cafés allow only men; not surprisingly, they are popular among men who prefer one another’s company.Yasser gestured to a parking lot across from the shopping center, explaining that after midnight it would be “full of men picking up men.” These days, he said, “you see gay people everywhere.” Yasser turned onto a side street, then braked suddenly. He wasn’t worried about the gay-themed nature of his tour—he didn’t want to be caught alone with a woman.people often ask in response to hearing about my perpetual solo travels.The brutal truth is that yes, it’s very hard to have and maintain a relationship when you travel.