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I was socializing and meeting countless successful, highly educated and professional men, the majority of whom were single and searching for ‘the one.’ ” Amy told us simply, “I was born to be an entrepreneur.” Linx links successful men and women within its network through hosted meet and greet events; Amy also provides one-on-one coaching, lifestyle makeovers, and gives each client — some of whom are quite needy — an almost extreme level of personal service.

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"When they are finally ready to find commitment and get married, most don’t have the time to waste pursuing low-yield channels.They need high-yield service that will ensure that every minute of their time that they invest is well spent." Finding "the one" means so much to some Linx clients that they'll offer bonuses in the six-figure range, Andersen says."I accept only extraordinary people into the Linx Dating network, and that may or may not mean they make a lot of income or possess huge financial assets," she said.We had the chance to get to know Amy through email where we discussed the greatest challenges to being an entrepreneur of true love, Silicon Valley’s notoriously sexist culture, and what successful men and women really want in a partner.“One of the most valuable lessons I have gained was hiring my first full-time employee in early 2014.Being able to delegate important tasks and give up some of the ‘control’ has been a huge learning curve and a very smart business decision.” Linx Dating was started in 2003 — that’s over a decade of being a one-woman team, but it’s not an unfamiliar obstacle for many entrepreneurs today.