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Asked why he was doing this, Auernheimer said: "I went straight for government employees because they seem the easiest to shame." Millions of others remain unnamed for now, but anyone can open the files -- which remain freely available online.

That could allow anyone to extort Adult Friend Finder customers.

You is a force to be reckoned with in the digital world. 1 video-sharing website, with 2 billion videos viewed every day around the globe.

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“If you go on You Tube, you’ll find a lot of videos that are promoting drug abuse, that are promoting binge drinking, promoting unhealthy behaviors like anorexia and bulimia,” Logan said. “There is so much pornography—so much user generated pornography—and a lot of content that could actually be deemed as ‘obscenity’ online that kids can have free and easy access to through You Tube.” You Tube does have its own set of “Community Guidelines” that prohibit people from posting things like sex, nudity, hate speech, harassment, illegal acts, gory content, and other inappropriate videos.“You Tube, of course, can be a very wonderful, creative medium,” says Cris Clapp Logan of Enough is Enough, “a place where kids can, at times, showcase their lives in a healthy way—in an entertaining way—but it should really only be used with close guidance and supervision from an adult.” Mrs.Logan contends that parents need to keep a close eye on both what their kids are viewing and what they are posting on You Tube.This means that you as parent will be empowered to block your own phone or your children from accessing sexually explicit content, giving you peace of mind about services offered by Vodacom and Vodacom content providers.- By dialing *111*123# from the cellphone you want to block (thus blocking the mobile number and SIM card).(On some phones it will request for you to "answer" following which you will select "Option 1" by entering the number "1" and then you will "submit")Once the service has been activated, you will not be able to unblock the cellphone by yourself.